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Colds, Asthma problems in 11 yr old. Any advice?

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StrongerSingle Thu 10-Mar-16 13:06:17

My dd is 11 and has asthma and some allergies. She has Symbicort and Bricanyl inhalers which she uses as directed.

Our problem is that this year she has had cold after cold, which usually ends up with her weak and needing time off school. Two weeks ago she went downhill quickly after catching another cold and ended up with sinusitis. The doctor prescribed amoxicillin, which she finished on Tues, two days ago.
Her sinusitis has eased but she still has the cold/cough.

Then last night I was putting her to bed and she went through her normal routine of inhalers and tablets (montelukast) but then her heart rate shot up and she couldn't sleep. I took her pulse and she was at 120bpm, and she was very shaky.

I called nhs24 and was told a nurse would call me back. I sat by her bed. It took her two hours to fall asleep because of the heart rate. Still at 120bpm at that point. Once she fell asleep it dropped to around 85.
Nurse called me back. She felt all was ok if she was breathing ok.

I managed to see a doctor this morning (a new doc at the practice. Never seen her before) and she checked dd over and then said it was the inhalers that caused the increase in heart rate. Apparently that is usual.

This has never happened before. Has anyone else experienced this? Would you accept that diagnosis?

Today her heart rate is around 90 - 100.

I'm not a worrier ... but I'm worried :-/

bellbottomedtear Thu 10-Mar-16 14:04:53

My daughter often gets shaky after her blue inhaler. I have learnt over the last 6 months to push docs for a second opinion when it comes to her asthma. Hope your daughter is ok

StrongerSingle Thu 10-Mar-16 14:31:06

Thanks bellbottomtear, dd has had these inhalers for years but I'd never noticed this before (dd hadn't either). I'll keep an eye on this and get her back to docs if it carries on.

We have her regular paediatric appointment at hospital next week so I will raise this then smile

Gibble1 Thu 10-Mar-16 14:37:48

My son has been having quite a few asthma attacks recently. I keep having to go and collect him from school because he feels so unwell after taking his ventolin.
I am currently waiting for an asthma review for him as he's never had one yet.

StrongerSingle Thu 10-Mar-16 16:15:08

That's a worry Gibble1, the Bricanyl is the one-click replacement for the Ventolin. Dd usually prefers the Ventolin but happened to use the Bricanyl instead last night.

I'm still not convinced that the heart rate is connected to the inhalers.

I'll keep a close eye on her tonight when she does inhalers

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