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babies head shape

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honeydue3 Wed 09-Mar-16 09:11:28

Hi my DD is already 12 months and her head shape is still quite misshaped, it's noticeable when her hair is wet as her hair has waves and curls which disguises it a bit.
I noticed it a while ago but people told me that it will round off and that I should leave it.
I'm looking for recommendations of a good cranial osteopath near my area, I live in north London.
Feeling a bit nervous as I don't know if they can do much at 12 months!
Any experiences out there?

Kanga59 Wed 09-Mar-16 22:04:53

I wouldn't bother. We went to one at similar age and of course they rcommendwould a helmet because that's how they earn money. But the inconvenience and irritation of wearing it for 12-18 months is so unfair on a child. And there's no evidence they actually work.

My sons head at 24m is pretty normal now. So glad we just left it

I did order him a better mattress, one with a bump near the neck line, sorry cent recall the name. But it's to relieve pressure on the head. And we did loads of baby wearing after realising his head was flattening

Does your child have full movement of the neck, ie can look both ways fully? Do they sleep on their back?

honeydue3 Fri 11-Mar-16 08:25:59

My child moves around quite a lot and either sleeps with her head to the side or on her tummy.
From the moment she was able to move her head she would prefer to sleep with her head to the side.

I think her head shape is due to pressure when she was born.

Vasiliska Mon 21-Mar-16 12:51:28

Hi Honeydue,

I did not see your post and asked same question, but had no replies. I have been searching, googling and trying to find osteopath that specializes specifically in babies' head shapes. At first I was only searching within area (Watford), then started looking anywhere within London. It has been a week, came across few clinics that hold special mother and baby clinic, but again, this is not only about head shapes. Mainly colics, difficult deliveries. And then on Friday after another session of googling I came across this article: . I then went to their website (Fulham osteopaths) and I really like what I have read about Melinda Cotton, she specializes in this area.
Did you find anything or had any recommendations?
I have asked HV, but they cannot recommend.

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