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Constant sighing in 8yr old

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TiffanyA10 Tue 08-Mar-16 21:02:15

My DD (age 8) has recently started sighing all the time. Really deep sighs, and when she's tired, it's almost constant. When I've asked her about it she says she can't help it, but school say she doesn't do it there, and if she's engaged in something at home she doesn't do it. A bit of googling seems to indicate it's "one of those things" but I'm not sure whether we should go to doctor or not. It's driving me batty tbh but not sure there's much they can do. Anyone else had this?

MattDillonsPants Tue 08-Mar-16 23:13:28

Sounds like a tic. This is the age when they can crop up. I'd ignore it if I were you. I had a very odd tic at that age and it went of it's own accord.

TiffanyA10 Tue 08-Mar-16 23:25:14

Thanks Matt. It's so hard to ignore but I'm sure you're right!

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