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oh dear... she got scarlet fever

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upsidedownfrown Tue 08-Mar-16 12:18:41

My 7yo got scarlet fever! (not my 8yo who is possibly allergic to penicillin.. that was adifferent thread)

She started with headache on Saturday, little bit of a sore throat on Sunday then Mon morning she says she's feeling unwell, temp was 37.6 so kept her off school just in case... By the time we got back from school run, her temp was 39.7 and wouldn't go below around 38.5 with calpol and nurofen. So by end of day, with dd looking rather flushed and hot, had to literally beg gp for emergency appt. Finally got seen around 7pm - thank goodness for late opening on Mondays! Confirmed scarlet fever.

10 days of antibiotics that taste awful and make dd urge. Great! Can't even disguise in with food apparently!

Someone please tell me the antibiotics will make her feel better real soon! I've never seen her looking and acting so poorly. She's just sleeping and hot and twitching in her sleep. Not eating. Drinking cos I'm literally making her.... And when she is awake, her eyes are hurting and hot and she's just sitting making whimpering noises sad

Nevercan Tue 08-Mar-16 12:20:34

My dd1 was exactly the same. I had never seen her so feverish and lethargic. The antibiotics did work so try not to worry

upsidedownfrown Tue 08-Mar-16 13:38:30

Thanks for the reassurance! Hate seeing her so poorly!

Witchend Tue 08-Mar-16 13:52:27

Dd1 and dd2 had scarlet fever about 10 years ago and I was astonished how mild it was. I don't think they had antibiotics either. Dd2 did hit 41deg at one point, but over 40 was usual for her, and dd1 didn't even seem ill.

I usually reckon 24 hours to show some improvement with antibiotics, 48 to show marked improvement. If they aren't showing improvement after 48 hours I go back and it's usually been shown that either they have another infection that was masked by the first or they have antibiotic resistant strain, in which case a different one does the job.

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