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Baby Allergies , Eczema and Exclusion Diet

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belhamwalk Tue 08-Mar-16 09:34:31

Hi there - wanted to know what people thought about baby allergies and exclusion diets.
My son is 5 months, EBF and I've been on an exclusion diet since December cutting out Wheat Dairy Eggs Soy and Nuts.
We've reintroduced Dairy as a test and he is for sure allergic to that but might be 'sensitive' to the other common allergens. I've now read that he NEEDS exposure to these allergens (through my breastmilk) or else I may unwittingly cause him to become allergic as he didn't have an early exposure to these foods.
What do you guys think, does anyone have any experience with this?
I'm not going to re-introduce Dairy again as he projectile vomits, poo like water, bad eczema etc... but with wheat for example it seems he just has the eczema and maybe a bit rashy... maybe a bit of runny poo.... which i think we can both live with.
Apologies for badly written post, he doesn't sleep so well as he is always wriggling we think due to being itchy! AARRGH!

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