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Elbow injury

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EnglishRose1320 Mon 07-Mar-16 21:46:27

Hi just wondering what people would do? Ds was doing some 'gymnastics' whilst I was cooking dinner earlier and slipped bending his elbow backwards with most of his body weight on it. Oh jumped up from his chair and was panicking- oh is the most relaxed person I know when it comes to bumps and scrapes, I didnt see it. Ds seemed amazingly calm for him, tearful but not screaming. Checked he could wiggle fingers, checked he could move his arm, he can but pain stops him moving it far at all. So gave him some calpol and then dinner, story, bed etc. Trouble is the pain is stopping him from falling asleep but he is terrified of hospitals so not sure what is best, taking him to get it checked when there is a good chance he won't let anyone look at it or even go inside the doors or keep trying to help him fall asleep and potentially have a sleepless painful night. Cheers

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