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What type of medical person do I need?

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Jinglebellsarenearlyhere Mon 07-Mar-16 13:26:29

My DD age 12 is overweight. Part of this is due to not exceeding enough, part food but also I think part maybe her shape / bloating / intolerance or something.

I think this because the major part of her that is large is her stomach. It's looks like she is 7 months pregnant. The tummy feel full of air with a layer of fat on it. If she didnot have the tummy she would be able to fit into age appropriate clothes but at the moment she just can't do things up over her stomach.

GP was useless, didnot look shape just bmi. Yes we are making changes to help her reduce 'weight'

But who do I need to see (at wits ends so will go private) to investigate the extreme tummy shape?

TheAussieProject Mon 07-Mar-16 18:27:48

The medical specialist who deals with digestive problem is a gastroenterologist, but before you jump and ask a referral to the GP there are some considerations to be done.

We don't accumulate fat in the same way. Some persons will put fat everywhere, others in specific areas. There are people who seem apples on a stick, with very skinny legs and very large round stomach.

This said, your DD might be bloated in that case you should really look at her diet. Keep an honest food diary for at least a week. And write everything from a sip of water to a bite of cheese while cooking, the chocolate bar on the way home from school or the bag of crisp she share with a friend. Watch the movie "super size me", one of the side effect of a junk food diet was having a pregnancy belly.

Jinglebellsarenearlyhere Mon 07-Mar-16 19:27:10

Ok. Thanks. Food diary is a good idea.

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