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Daughter won't poo!

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Oopsypoopsy Sun 06-Mar-16 21:48:18

My daughter is almost 2.5, she toilet trained very well 2 weeks ago but we have had problems with her pooing since she was 6 months old and started to eat food. She has been on movicol since a few months after that and she is now able to hold in against that and now she doesn't have nappies she is even more resistant, she spends hours each day fighting it, so much that we can't leave the house sometimes. I've had to give her a suppository if she's been holding it in all morning and I've absolutely had to leave the house and she's even holding it in for longer each time I do this.

Once she goes she is instantly so happy and proud of herself, I just don't get how she doesn't realise that!

Does anyone have any advice to help end my daughter torturing herself when she could be so much happier if she just let go.

Hopeful mummy! x

bringthethunda Mon 07-Mar-16 09:53:52

Hi oops, I am in the same boat as you. My 3yo Dd is toilet trained but has regressed since the arrival of new baby 6 weeks ago. She also refuses to poo, isn't constipated so it's a mental thing. We were prescribed I think lactulose yesterday to soften them. There is an app called poo goes to pooland which we were advised by the gp to download. It tells the story of the poo being sad cos he wants to go to pooland. As I say, we ended up at the out of hours doctor yesterday so the app and the medicine will only be kicking in today. She was interested in the app. Everything I've seen online said not to make a big deal of it but it's hard not to just pick them up and shove them on the potty or toilet

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