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Sophiec20 Sat 05-Mar-16 20:37:48

It all started 10 days ago when my 9 month old started with high temperatures coughing sleeping more then normal took him to the doctors on Friday they admitted him to hospital the doctors words was he looked drugged up took him to hospital they said he had bronchiolitis again as he had bronchiolitis in November he still not right he was getting on the mend Sunday and Monday then it went down hill again everything I gave him he was sick crying/screaming not drinking no wet nappies took him back to doctors Tuesday they said he picked a bug up from hospital we now on Saturday and all he is having is bits of juice yogurts I give him his milk at bed time he usually had 5oz he only having 2-3 oz this is all I can seem to give him I try him on breakfast he sick 15 mins later all doctors seem to do is push me away any advice would help or has anyone child had similar to this confused

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