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Book to help you get your kids out and about

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NiamhAStrath Wed 02-Mar-16 13:46:46

Hi everyone!
My name is Niamh Arthur and I'm a student at the university of Strathclyde in my second year of Product Design and Innovation.
For one of our classes, we had to come up with a business idea that also had a social aspect to it and my group decided to create a book for families that live in/near the city - in this case Glasgow but the idea is that the brand would in time encompass various UK cities and eventually grow to be a worldwide thing. It combines days out, activities, and recipes that parents can do with their kids to help them learn things and develop new skills. But since none of us are parents, or young children, we’re not really sure if we’re doing it right and are trying to get opinions from parents (and children) who could give us honest feedback!
We've created a survey with a couple of example pages and a more in-depth description of what the book would contain, and all you’d have to do would be to write a little bit about what you thought of the appearance, the idea etc.
Ask your kids too! Do they think the activities sounds fun and do they like how the book looks?
If you’re not able to/don’t want to that’s totally fine, but if you happened to know of any other parents websites or some blogs that might be able to help us out that would be really helpful!
If you would like to help however, here is the survey link here:"Oot 'n' Aboot" Book Feedback and if you could post it on your social media, or even just pass it on to friends, every bit of feedback will help! And any additional queries can be sent to me at
Kind regards,
Niamh smile

meatliqour Wed 02-Mar-16 13:59:26


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