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I am confused

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Amy214 Tue 01-Mar-16 20:05:50

I am pretty confused right now, on saturday night my 2 year old woke up being sick in continued until 3am, she was sick off and on all day sunday which finally stopped around 9pm, on monday she was fine she managed some food no sick or loose stool for 24 hours, she managed a little bit of breakfast but threw it back it, she was okay with lunch because we had an indoor picnic and she managed that well went straight for nap, also today shes had very loose stools, very yellow in colour. Tmi sorry, she ate some dinner but has been sick again, could she still be sensitive? Im confused why she wasnt sick for a full 24 hours and now its started all over again, is that normal? She doesnt have a high temp or anything and she seems really happy, she did like to make herself sick when she didnt get her own way but that soon stopped when i made her help me clean it up

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