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Mumsnetters aren't necessarily qualified to help if your child is unwell. If you have any serious medical concerns, we would urge you to consult your GP.

when would you see GP

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BabyHaribo Tue 01-Mar-16 18:56:49

DD 18 months was sick Friday night.

Weak and tired sat and off food.

Sunday temperature up to 39 and it's been high ever since. Comes down slightly with mess then goes up again

One more episode of vomiting on Sunday. Still off food and not sleeping well.

I'm sure it's viral but would you see GP as temperature has been so high and she's still very poorly in herself - just wants cuddles in front of TV

Roseberrry Tue 01-Mar-16 18:58:42

I worry about high temps so I would ring tomorrow.
Is she weeing much?

BabyHaribo Tue 01-Mar-16 19:01:57

She is weeing but only a small amount.

But she's not eating and although she is drinking she's not having loads

VocationalGoat Tue 01-Mar-16 19:04:34

Have a phone consultation tomorrow or ring out of hours tonight. If you're truly worried and she's deteriorating, I'd go to paediatric a&e.
Is she taking fluids?

How's the vomiting?

This has been going around. All three of mine had it over half term. My youngest is 21 months and it was his first experience with 'the vom'. Oh it was so sad...
It's awful, isn't it?
But there is a norovirus sweeping through.

Roseberrry Tue 01-Mar-16 19:05:11

Hmm, it's hard to say without seeing her. What is your gut telling you?

I'd just be very worried about high temps and little urine, she sounds dehydrated.

You could always ring the nhs helpline for proper advice.

VocationalGoat Tue 01-Mar-16 19:08:21

I had it after my kids and none of us wanted to eat properly for many days. It was a bug that lingered. She'll make up for list nutrients. Don't force food. Just keep an eye on her temperature.
My youngest, the 21 month old I mentioned before, had a temp and slapped cheek for many days after his actual stomach flu. He wasn't right. It took about a week for him to get his energy back.
Are you able to give Calpol/baby nurofen?

angelopal Tue 01-Mar-16 19:15:12

Just been through this with DD who has just turned 2. Being sick and temp spiking. Thought it was a virus but temp did not get better. Turned out to be a throat and ear infection. After antibiotics she is back to normal.

If worried go to the doctors.

BabyHaribo Tue 01-Mar-16 20:21:59

Thanks all.

Yes I'm giving calpol/ nurofen

Will see how she goes through the night and how her temperature is.

I will ring NHS helpline if worried.

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