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Dentists - fillings. NHS or Private for kids?

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BigMammaC Tue 01-Mar-16 14:47:07

Hi All,

I'd appreciate some advice. My 6 year old has under developed premolars which, due to having no enamel on, are badly corroding and she will need fillings to keep them in until her adult ones are ready (just hoping they aren't under developed too).

We currently use an NHS dentists, although which dentist we actually see is variable and there is a lot of staff turnover.

I am wondering whether it would be better to pay for private cover and get the fillings done privately, but not sure if that will make any difference given they are all baby teeth still anyway.

Does anyone have any relevant experience here?



cestlavielife Wed 02-Mar-16 00:15:18

How many teeth are affected .?
Dd1 had four affected two top two bottom ones and had them taken out the sixes I think they called dentist said standard treatment was remove. But that's particular pattern of preset molar enamel dysplasia affecting specific teeth.
Dd2 had couple poor enamel one was capped. Now gone as she is 13 adult teeth coming thru fine

cestlavielife Wed 02-Mar-16 00:16:17

Ifyou have the money go to nice private dentist. ...

ReallyTired Wed 02-Mar-16 00:30:41

I am sorry your child is having dental problems.

If you can afford it you will get better treatment by going private. The appointments will be longer and there is less chance of your child bring traumatised for life. There are more options available like fissure sealants, healozone, Flouride varnish by going private.

If you do choose to go private then it needs careful research to find s dentist that will give you really outstanding treatment. My children go to a private dentist in Watford. We have a health plan that covers two check ups, a hygienist visit and any treatment.

I like the emphasis on dental education with my children's dentist. My son had terrible baby teeth, including an abcess, but he now has perfect adult teeth. There is not a single filling in his head at the age of 14.

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