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Help me identify this rash/illness pleqae

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ridingsixwhitehorses Mon 29-Feb-16 20:08:05

Ds is 3. We went to doc on Sat and he diagnosed it as an unidentified virus and said not to worry and the contagious period would have been pre spots so business as usual as long as ds not feeling unwell. But I am curious so wondered if anyone can diagnose it.

- spots started on face. Two spots for first 24 hours. A day later looks like acne all over cheeks and around mouth. One spot on tummy. A couple on wrist.
- some spots flat and some have a bit of a head but none are blisters. More like insect bits.
- not itchy
- very very snotty
- had cough last week but fine now
- was whiney and irritable the day the spots appeared and day after but fine now
- v low fever. Not gone above 37.3
- no loss of appetite
- had all his jabs.
- Had chickenpox and hand foot mouth as a baby and isn't those

Just curious. He looks like a spotty teenager.

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