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DS always ill. The weaker sex, or worryingly bad immunity?

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Flowerface Sat 27-Feb-16 11:39:15

My DS - who is 4 in May - is always ill, and when ill he seems to get the more serious version of whatever it is. This winter, he has had pneumonia for several weeks, last week slapped cheek, this week impetigo with general under-the-weather. When he was a baby he was investigated for meningitis at 11 weeks and had IV antibiotics. A few weeks later he had tonsilitis, then lactose intolerance for a year, hospitalisation with croup, it just seems endless...

I am not sure whether he is 'normal'. He is very very different to my DDs in terms of susceptibility to illness, and energy levels in general. My 18mo DD literally has more walking stamina than him.

He eats well, and is big for his age. Is all this normal? GPs seem uninterested in investigating underlying causes. A consultant he saw when he was a baby said that a clinically poor immune system would result in poor growth, constant hospitalisation, etc. I am worried that, when he starts school, he will be completely wiped out, and constantly ill!

Are boys just the weaker sex? Is it just something he will grow out of? Or something to worry about?


Helmetbymidnight Sat 27-Feb-16 11:49:08

Your poor boy - and poor you. It must have been awful.

I'm not sure where you're getting the idea that boys are the weaker sex from? Is this what someone's told you? It sounds like he's just been very unlucky - not 'he's a boy and therefore isn't strong'.

Some children - not boys, not girls - are more susceptible to illnesses than others. - I have a poor constitution, my DSis is like an ox so...

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