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DS (4.5) had his adenoids out yesterday...

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Marzipants Thu 25-Feb-16 09:03:11

... And is bouncing around the place in extremely high spirits.

We were woken this morning by him singing, and he's been in a terrific mood since. I also have DS(3) and 4mo DD.

If it wasn't for DS1's op I'd take them to the playground, but all the medical advice says to keep it low key for the first few days to allow him some recovery time.

TBH I was looking forward to some gentle crafting, maybe a movie but instead I have a super-happy bouncy boy on my hands! I'm delighted he's feeling so well, but wonder how long the good mood will last if he's stuck indoors all day.

Anyone got any ideas?

BareBearBum Thu 25-Feb-16 09:07:24

My son was the same, he had adenoids and tonsils out in one go and I was expecting a quiet little boy in recovery, he was back to his bouncy self in a few hours once we were home, ate a full dinner that night too, which I wasn't expecting!
He did go to bed earlier and sleep longer for a couple of days though.
I didn't take him out for a couple of days, but he was happy with Lego/painting/dvd's

Marzipants Thu 25-Feb-16 09:48:27

Glad to hear he's not an anomaly! To be fair, he's happy to stay indoors (he discovered the CBeebies app yesterday). It's the other two that are driving me stir crazy!

Lots of playdoh and hiding myself in the kitchen ahead for today then!

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