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13 month old has (I'm guessing) her second ear infection, would tubes help?

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Bigfam Thu 25-Feb-16 00:27:52

I say guessing because I'm very much used to the symptoms of ear infections! Ds1 hasd recurrent ear infections between the age of 3-4, he's now 6 and still has them occasionally but I've given up taking him to the GP (he has severe speech delay but has been to see an ent who said everything's fine) anyway this is the second infection my youngest has had, the last one was proughly 5 months ago, last time she was really poorly and looks to be really suffering again, awake on and off since 9pm crying even with pain relief. I'll be taking her to the GP tomorrow and fully expect antibiotics which will clear the infection up, but I can't go through this again like with ds... My youngest is a lot younger and I hate seeing her like this, I'm aware that ear infections can be hereditary. I'm going to (try) discuss the option of tubes.
Anyone's children have tubes, and your experiences with them? Thanks

Witchend Fri 26-Feb-16 10:08:12

I very much doubt you'll even get a discussion going from only two infections in 6 months.
To put it in prospective ds had infections every 10-14 days from 10 weeks old until grommets went in at 20 months. 20 months is also pretty young to get grommets (judging from reactions from medical people when I mention it)

When they came out at 3yo he had 8 burst ear drums in as many weeks, and again they put in grommets, but it wasn't automatic, I had to discuss how not hearing was effecting him.

Also they don't generally put in grommets because of stopping infections. In fact they're very clear that they don't necessarily do that. They did with ds, but the main job they're in for is to help hearing, the stopping infections is a nice side effect.

It can be genetic, but isn't necessarily. As I said ds had horrendous infections. Dd1 had about what you're describing-she had one infection at 7 months and another about 13 months. And never has had one again, and she's now 15yo. smile
Dd2 had a couple of ear infections at about 5yo, round about time she started school. Again nothing since.

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