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95% dental enamel loss on new adult teeth

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lozzaa Wed 24-Feb-16 11:01:44

Hi everybody. I am looking for advice regarding lifetime treatment for Kids who have veneers/crowns at a young age. My 9 yr old son lost 95% of the enamel on all his new adult teeth. Top front 4, and bottom front 4. Will be having braces to realign about 12 and veneers or similar. Due to veneers not lasting and the changing gum line of young adults. these will need replacing 5-7 years. Then maybe crowns. Anyone gone through this? We are at guys until 18 years, but I need to get a Dentist who can estimate the future treatment. Preferably in the london area.

What happened.
We had a very enjoyable holiday in Cyprus with a private swimming pool. My son was in for hours,diving, using a snorkel and generally having a great time. During the second week, he started to complain about sore teeth. Pain eating and said "I think my enamel is coming off" which I thought was odd, and I assumed it was growing pains from teeth coming through, or the snorkel was causing the pain. There were several evenings during the second week where he was defiantly upset/tired/grumpy. Not his usual self.

We mentioned our discomfort several times to the villa owner, who assured us all was well with the pool (he did the maintenance ) . Sore eyes and burning, irritated skin. Max , his skin was rough and dry. During the second week, if you got water in the eyes it was even more painful. We wore googles all the time and rinsed a lot. I could no longer sit in the sun for more than 5 minutes without my skin feeling like it was on tight and on fire. We all had various sores, under arms, anywhere swimming kit rubbed. I had bad headaches about 5pm every night,I put it down to medication. Took painkillers, felt better by the morning. We were determined to enjoy this holiday as I had been unwell for quite a long time before and we just thought it was the heat…
When we returned,I immediately made an appointment with our local dentist. At the appointment I was told that his front adult teeth had lost most of their enamel, " like they had been prepped for veneers" and we were questioned and lectured about drinking fizzy drinks from bottles.
I was shocked and stunned, as my son has excellent oral hygiene and we do not have a diet that include fizzy drinks, on a regular basis, the holiday was allmost the first time he had some! I knew our lifestyle did not do this.

I returned home and looked for photos of my sons teeth. He had taken some selfies after a family wedding ,late june 2015. The pictures before show he had full teeth before the holiday. When we looked at our holiday photos we could actually see the teeth eroding, the gap between the front teeth. getting bigger.
I also googled “ sudden and severe dental erosion “ “prepped for veneers” and found research the shows that swimming pools can erode teeth quickly if they are not maintained correctly. Dental erosion from competitive swimming is well known, this is an extreme example.

Dental examinations confirmed rapid dental erosion affecting all of his teeth, especially the front teeth, which is consistant with acidic pool conditions. They have ruled out diet/health and all other causes, including dental hypoplasia. He has lost 95% enamel on the top 4 new adult teeth and significant on the bottom 4 new adult teeth. The remaining baby teeth are not an issue as they will be replaced naturally.
We were and still are devastated. His beautiful teeth are ruined and he faces a lifetime of dental treatment. He was only 9.
Ive cried so much, but have had to get a grip to deal with this and not distress my son.
My dentist recommend we look into hypoplasia as he will have similar issues regarding hygiene and future treatment.

Thanks for reading.

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