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Feel like the GP will laugh me out??

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LONC2012 Tue 23-Feb-16 11:25:34

My 6 month old DS started Friday with a runny nose. Then Sunday he started with a slight cough.

Last night (Monday) he woke up crying his heart out I settled him back down then he woke again but was a lot longer trying to settle him, everytime he coughed he cried harder. I gave him his calpol which he had already had earlier in the evening and he eventually settled. He then slept through and woke up coughing but not crying.
He has been okay this morning, not 100%. Fell asleep in his pram and woke coughing and crying.

Do you think I should speak to a GP? Last time I took him with a cough he told me about the 'when should I worry website' and that coughs can take 3 weeks to clear. Made me feel like I was completely wasting his time and that I shouldn't worry. I then went to a different doctor one day later who said he had a chest infection and prescribed antibiotics.

I know I should probably just go with my instinct and take him but I don't want to waste time!

PeaceLoveAndJaffaCakes Tue 23-Feb-16 11:28:34

Speak to a pharmacist. They'll tell you if he needs to be seen by a doctor. I hate bothering the doctor with sniffles, but once my DS had a bad enough chest that he hadn't slept or eaten properly for days, and the pharmacist thought he needed an inhaler, which made him feel better almost immediately.
Colds in babies are generally really horrible but do go eventually.

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