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Has your DC ever been in hospital?

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LucyLastik Sun 21-Feb-16 19:44:52

I'm doing some research for a story I'm planning and was wondering the following:

Has your DC ever been admitted to hospital?
If so, what for (vaguely, no massive details required) and for how long?

DS has been hospitalised 7 times. 6 for bronchiolitis between the ages of birth and 2 years. The length of stay varies but was usually around 4-5 days each time. He was in ITU for one of these admissions.

The 7th time he was in, he had a lump in his neck which they later decided was lymphadenitis. He was in for about 10 days as he developed secondary arthritis as a result of the IV antibiotics he was having. It took him almost 5 weeks to be able to walk again after that.

Thanks for any info you are willing to share thanks

LucyLastik Sun 21-Feb-16 20:39:48

Hopeful bump smile

coffeeisnectar Sun 21-Feb-16 20:42:15

Oldest got admitted aged 8 after getting her leg impaled on a metal peg sticking out of a fence. She had surgery the next day and then released. She a lot of stitches but was very lucky it was just a very large, deep flesh wound which missed anything vital.

ProbablyMe Sun 21-Feb-16 20:50:46

Yes. We're in again now and have been since Friday sad. He has a rare medical condition affecting his kidneys and bladder and gets many uti's and kidney infections that require IV antibiotics and IV pain medication. I admit I've lost count but would say he's at 45-50 admissions now. He's under a large, specialist children's hospital but has open access on the children's ward at our local hospital. Each admission lasts between 4-8 days generally.

iMatter Sun 21-Feb-16 20:53:17

Ds1 - day surgery to have stones removed from his ears (he thought it was a great game)

Ds2 - op on umbilical hernia when he was 5

All went well, both times.

LucyLastik Sun 21-Feb-16 21:34:49

Thanks for sharing those. They all sound horrendous! Hope they are on the mend smile

2old2beamumandpastit Mon 22-Feb-16 15:17:39

DS with complex needs numerous hospital admissions the longest stay 15 months, I nearly lost the plot! (This is not a boast!)

lljkk Mon 22-Feb-16 15:46:26

cor, blimey, OP, that's a lot. sad

DC3/4 went in for 7 hours due to viral induced wheezing. He was 3yo & now is rising 12yo. Other DC (avg age 12.5yo ) never admitted, but plenty visits for bits of treatment.

WhoTheFuckIsSimon Mon 22-Feb-16 15:47:34

Got admitted for a day with ? Appendicitis but the pain resolved so we left.

WhoTheFuckIsSimon Mon 22-Feb-16 15:48:40

Must be scary for those with kids with chronic conditions and lots of admissions. flowers

Badders123 Mon 22-Feb-16 15:55:58

Ds1 - multiple admissions for asthma
Groin repair op when he was 2.5 - admitted afterwards for 4 days as he had a bad reaction to the anaesthetic.
Ds2 - croup, pharangytis, suspected appendicitis, emergency adenotonsilectomy

LucyLastik Mon 22-Feb-16 19:28:10

They seem to be in and out for quite big problems! I'm really surprised. Thanks again for sharing.

Ilovenannyplum Mon 22-Feb-16 19:36:04

DS, 10 days old.
His reflux got so ridiculous that he was projectile vomiting everything and used to stop breathing on and off all day, terrifying. 3 night stay. I'll never forget my little 6lb baby in a massive hospital bed and not breathing properly sad

Hope PP DC with ongoing medical problems are on the mend, it's truly awful and I only went through 4 days of it thanks

Pancakeflipper Tue 23-Feb-16 16:01:36

DS1 - once for stitches to a leg wound and treatment for head injury ( most ridiculous accident in the world involving a snowman).

DS2 - once for bronchiolitis for 2 days.
once for day surgery
once for day surgery that turned into an overnighter
every few months to meet with his consultant for 10mins.

We are lucky and have a fantastic children's hospital near. It's full of wonderful people.

Thoughts and wishes to all of you who have children whom have regular stays over in hospital. No matter how wonderful the hospital is and the wonderful staff - it's not home.

Bunbaker Tue 23-Feb-16 16:07:30

Loads of times. DD has been unlucky enough to have some rare medical issues. Fortunately we have access to the excellent Sheffield children's hospital. If I won the lottery I would be making a large donation to them. They have been fantastic.

GraciesMansion Tue 23-Feb-16 16:11:16

Dd 8 has had three admissions for dehydration due to d&v. Every time she's had a stomach bug it hits her so hard she's unable to keep anything down so has been put on a drip each time. Nothing more dramatic than that in our house thank goodness.

Roseberrry Tue 23-Feb-16 16:13:38

Both my babies have been in for Christmas with bronchilitus, both 6 months old too!

First one was bad, in intensive care for 2 weeks and we weren't sure he'd pull through.
2nd one was only in for 1 week and was mostly fine he just wouldn't eat which delayed us coming out.

Sirzy Tue 23-Feb-16 16:14:25

First time was when Ds was 8 weeks old and had bronchioltis which left him on life support for over a week. Before he was 1 he had 7 admissions under his belt.

He is 6 now and currently in the middle of what I think is about his 20th admission. He has had over 50 a and e trips to, and 5 GAs as day procedures!

kansasmum Tue 23-Feb-16 16:20:12

Dd ( now 22) aged 10 had ruptured appendix which became peritonitis. Very very ill, stopped breathing, in ICU for 3 days on ventilator after major abdominal surgery then turned a corner discharged home after 2 weeks in hospital, and after 6 weeks of IV antibiotics via Picc line at home administered by me, she made a full recovery and 2 months after being discharged from hospital was playing soccer again! Was told surgery/infection meant getting pregnant without IVF or similar was not going to happen. Last year she gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, conceived without any help!

Absolutely hideous time in hospital( although Drs and nurses etc were all brilliant and care was amazing) - we were living in the US and 5000 miles away from family. Our friends and neighbours were bloody marvellous!

Haudyerwheesht Tue 23-Feb-16 16:21:26

Ds (9) : once at 3 weeks because he was floppy and wouldn't wake up. Nothing ever discovered so presumed viral. Again at 6 weeks with bright red rash covering whole body and very agitated and not feeding. Again viral. Also aged 7 getting a hydrocele operated on. First two times were for 3 days. Last one was for a whole day 8am-8pm.

Dd is 5 and touch wood never.

Natsku Tue 23-Feb-16 16:48:07

DD at about 18 months to remove a coin under GA that was stuck in her throat. She had to stay overnight as her airway closed up during the procedure so needed breathing treatments in the night.

In again a few months later for 3 nights for investigations of suspected epilepsy (although that was not really suspected by me or the hospital, just by her grandparents and their doctor friend) and to investigate child abuse claims (made by her grandparents about me). Horrible few days for me and her.

Day surgery this summer (4.5) for a gastroscopy.

And far far too many visits to the emergency room because when she gets ill she gets really ill so that I panic each time. And because she won't ever let me remove a bloody splinter so have to go in to get a nurse to take them out!

RueDeWakening Tue 23-Feb-16 17:06:32

3 kids, only DS1 (now 6) has ever been admitted. He was 9 weeks prem so spent 5 weeks on Neonatal before coming home, then went in for overnight obs after giving himself concussion crawling over an obstacle at playgroup!

DD (8) and DS2 (2) have nothing to report so far grin

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