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14 month old -yellow diarrhea for over a week after bug, and head shaking thing..

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HannahClareRose Tue 16-Feb-16 19:26:31

We all had a sick bug last week, my daughter being the 1st to come down with it and the last to get over it! She was sick for a few days, but each day since she has usually 2 super full, leaky diarrhea nappies (it's bright yellow with clumpy bits. sorry if tmi!)
Her appetite seems to be coming back now and she is happy and herself, but it's been going on over a week now, so wanted to check this was all normal!
Also, she has this thing where she shakes her head, she does it at random, and I first noticed it back when she had an ear infection in the new year. She got better from that and isn't complaining of any pain, but it makes me wonder why she is still doing this, and she seems to be doing it more just lately. She does it at random times, sometimes when eating or even breastfeeding. Anyone got any ideas on this one?

Thanks in advance! It's probably all 1st time mum paranoia I realize!

Katie0705 Thu 18-Feb-16 13:33:43

I would definitely see your GP because of the persistent diarrhoea and head shaking. It's not uncommon for young children to pick up bugs, but also get upset tums when they have an ear problem or even teething. Is you daughter drinking plenty of water to keep hydrated?

Diarrhoea can cause really sore bottoms, so avoid using baby wipes unless they are anti-allergenic e.g. simple. Virgin olive oil, not the expensive sort, is brilliant for cleaning sore bottoms, followed by a layer of something like metanium cream...both very soothing and assist healing.

Hope your little bairn gets better soon
Best wishes

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