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Constipation - Movicol

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Ponymagic Tue 16-Feb-16 13:53:59

A question for those who have been there, done that ...

DD, 7 constipated and soiling (not aware as it happens, no warning), get a huge poo once a week or so. After a week of Lactulose took her to GP last Friday. He put her on 3 sachets of Movicol per day to supplement with a teaspoon of Senna if she hasn't gone by day 3. He did say to try not to use the Senna as it will only train her bowel to be lazy - and to increase the Movicol of need be, but no clear guidance.

Last movement was Thursday. With it being half term and her initially refusing the Movicol we have ended up with 1 sachet Friday, none on Sat as away all day, 3 Sunday, 4 Monday. No action. Back to school tomorrow. She will not touch the Senna but will now have Movicol no problems (thank you Mumsnet!).

What now? Four or five Movicol today? Should I keep her off school tomorrow and keep increasing the Movicol? The only way I could get Senna into her is to pin her down and I couldn't and wouldn't do that to her at her age! Any ideas please?

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