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Think my sons adenoids have grown back for the 3rd time!!!

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Laceylouise Sat 13-Feb-16 00:13:20

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone's child have had their adenoids grow back for a 3rd time? My son, Spencer 2 & half years, 1st had his adenoids & tonsils taken out at 16 months old due to sleep apnea & being constantly snotty & just generally unwell, he then had them out for a 2nd time last November as he was showing the same symptoms, the ENT surgeon said they where even bigger this time round & couldn't get over the size of them in the space of time they had grown back! Now I'm afraid he is showing the exact same symptoms & I just wondered if anyone else had a child who's had them grow back for 3rd time? I did ask the ENT specialist last time he had them out & did say it was extremely rare but didn't rule it out! Spencer is a special needs child who has a very rare genetic condition called Xq28 duplication syndrome so nothing is impossible with him bless his heart!! Also if there's any parent out there with a child with the same syndrome? Would be nice to talk to someone in the same boat! Thanks for listening girls & guys! My 1st time posting on here so I'm sorry if I haven't got it quite right yet lol!! smile

ReallyTired Sat 13-Feb-16 00:41:21

Looking at dr Google it's quite possible the adenoids have grown back for a third time. Apparently it's impossible to remove all adenoid tissue in a very young child.

I am surprised they were taken out so early. Ds had his removed at three and a half years old.

Laceylouise Sat 13-Feb-16 02:12:17

I've seen the same results on Dr Google but just wondered if anyone else had experienced this?! It was very young to take them out but he had a very serious case of sleep apnea which the Drs where very concerned to the point that he had the sleep study on the Monday & was in on the Friday for surgery lol! He was operated on at 6 weeks old for 2 hernias! Like I said Spencers body is very unpredictable!!! Bless him!

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