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Cold Sore

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MrsDab Fri 12-Feb-16 20:02:09

Panicking a bit!!! I have a huge, massive, bloody ugly cold sore sad if I've passed this on to my 5 month old how dangerous is it? I have heard mixed advice and being an already over anxious mam I am now at level 100 on the anxiety scale!

Obviously now I know I have one I will be extra cearful (no kissing, wash hands etc) but if he gets one do I need to take to Dr (ooh if weekend or wait till Monday)

Thanks in advance x

MayfairMummy Sat 13-Feb-16 18:58:53

He is unlikely to get a cold sore straight away, even if you infect him. Once he's got the virus (if he does), then I'd say there's not much to be done... unless he gets really ill with it (unusual), in which case take him to the doctor.

There are some patches you can buy from the pharmacist which stick over the cold sore and help stop the cells shedding (and provide ever so slightly more protection from babies who tend to grab mummies whenever they're held).

I had a hard first birth and whenever i get run down, I get coldsores. Cue new baby and mahoosive cold sore. Managed (i think) to keep baby and cold sore separated, but a few months later BIL with big cold sore kissed said baby on the lips. I could have shot him. He didn't give a s*&t. I was not happy :-/ Baby is now 7 and has had what seemed to be one cold sore, once. Not much to be done, unfortunately :-(

MrsDab Mon 15-Feb-16 06:09:53

Thank you for your reply smile I'm slightly less irrational about it now I've had some sleep!
Very much appreciated xx flowers

knaffedoff Mon 15-Feb-16 06:29:27

I can't recommend this enough, I too suffer with cold sores and worry about transferring it to my kids ! It is expensive but we'll worth it!

MayfairMummy Mon 15-Feb-16 08:03:41

knaffedoff...... I LOVE that machine (i have it too; better than anything else I've used). I still throw the patches on, though, whenever I have a little one in arms. But then my kids love grabbing my face.

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