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Very worried about changing antibiotics

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MoreSnowPlease Thu 11-Feb-16 17:26:20

Ds1 has a chest infection. He was on amoxicillin for a week, it didn't improve. Then he got hives all over, then he was prescribed coamoxiclav, the chest infection and him improved massively after 24 hours, the hives got worse. We were told he is having an allergic reaction to amoxicillin and changed to erythromicin after 24 of coamoxiclav (which was working).

He's had 2 doses of erythromicin and is getting worse, back to lasting on the sofa moaning and I can hear crackling in his breathing again. (He was up playing after the coamoxiclav).

I'm really really worried because of the whole antibiotic resistance and the fact he's changed without finishing a course even though it was working.

I've tried ringing doctors and they aren't answering. Do any pharmacists out there know what we should be doing? Continue with the one that doesn't seem to be working/go and get coamoxiclav again and just deal with the hives? Is this going to cause resistance because he was on/off/on again?

TheAussieProject Thu 11-Feb-16 19:01:16

It is not the person that develop antibiotic resistance but the bacterias around you in the world, so this is not something you have to worry about.
Amoxillin belongs to the penicillin-based strain which are a very strong kind f antibiotics, but if you develop a reaction, you should avoid this whole family of anti-bio. Other antibiotics are available but it might take more time to find the right one. You might need to change again. Clarithromycin is usually a good alternative for chest infection. Definitely much better than erythromicin, why give that one for chest?

Ignoring the signs and continuing with amoxillin could have the consequences to stronger and nastier reactions to it, such as swelling and respiratory difficulties.

MoreSnowPlease Thu 11-Feb-16 19:06:04

Thanks very much for your answer, I have no idea why we have erythromicin, to be quite honest I am worried about it all because the doctor asked me whether I would like to carry on with coamoxiclav and change anti histamine to help the hives or to change anti biotic (of course I have no bloody clue!!) When i decided to change antibiotic, he also asked me whether I would like to give it to my son in 2 doses of 10ml or 4 doses of 5ml. I mean, wtf?!?! I ended up choosing 2 doses of 10ml but then I asked the pharmacist who said it was a high dose to give a 3 year old!!!

MoreSnowPlease Thu 11-Feb-16 19:10:18

Also, I realise that the person is not developing the resistance but from what I understand the bacteria in his body will have been killed off after 24 let's say 50%. The other 50% will now get stronger, and multiply, and also be resistant to the coamoxiclav. Therefore, unable to treat if other antibiotics don't work. Amoxicillin itself doesn't work and it seems to me that neither is erythromicin.....

TheAussieProject Thu 11-Feb-16 20:07:12

The resistance doesn't happen in 24 hours. Amoxillin and coamoxiclav are the same thing, both are based with amoxillin, and the clavulanic acid in the latter makes it stronger and inhibit the resistance which apparently was there from the beginning.

Your GP looks very confused about antibiotics. I am not a GP/pharmacist, but DS2 is dangerously allergic (anaphylactic shock) to the whole penicillin-based antibiotics and we spent many days in the Day-hospital testing him for alternatives, so I learned a fair bit.

For chest infection, mild to severe such as pneumonias, it's Clarithromycin.

Meanwhile, I would suggest you buy some real yogurt, not the fake sweet ones, to replace the bacterias in his intestines, because all this testings have certainly killed most of them or request lactic ferments from a pharmacy. Yogurt has more than enough and if you child prefers a sweet taste, just add some sugar. OR those actimel - yakult drinks from the fridge section.

Anyway continue with the one he gave you, tomorrow morning call the GP and ask for an appointment because condition has worsen and you want him to listen to his chest and to discuss an alternative.

beautifulgirls Thu 11-Feb-16 20:21:17

If you are worried about his breathing getting worse you should probably call the out of hours doctor to at least discuss, or if things are bad consider A&E even.

TheAussieProject Thu 11-Feb-16 20:38:13

So, your DS has had this chest infection for more than a week and after s short improvement, back to square one, it is worth a phone call as PP has wisely mentioned . Tell them on the phone of the crackling sound. They will also ask you:

(-)Fever? DS1 had pneumonia and only 37.7, so not always a significant sign.
(-) Colour? If very red, it means less oxygen
(-) Pain? Any pain on the side or his back may be a sign of pneumonia.
(-) How fast/slow is he breathing ?

MoreSnowPlease Fri 12-Feb-16 17:10:57

Yes he will have has the chest infection for 2 weeks on Monday, been on antibiotics all that time.

I thought he was getting better this morning but he's going downhill again now. Moaning, needing inhaler, lethargic etc....

Temperature is climbing as well. Think I'll have to take him back to the doctors again but just have no faith in the gp anymore!

Katie0705 Sat 13-Feb-16 01:17:20

Whatever you do, do not give your son the penicillin based antibiotics, as you will find the allergic reaction will worsen and this can be very serious. My advice is if you can hear wheezing, your child us exhausted, looks like he is breathing faster, go to A and E. Doctors are always happy to see a sick child, and those with breathing difficulties are definitely a priority.

Best wishes

MoreSnowPlease Mon 15-Feb-16 15:19:10

Thank you, we went to a&e and he was admitted to hospital for a few days to get wheezing under control. They said we should continue with the erythromicin. We left and he became completely unable to walk for 24 hours, back to a&e for diagnosis of irritable hip syndrome. He's now walking but complaining of the same pain in his arm and not moving it sad this is just going on and on!!

Katie0705 Mon 15-Feb-16 20:48:29

Oh bless you, what a dreadful time you are having! I'm really glad you went to A&E, as you can never be too careful with poorly children. Erythromycin is not penicillin based, so you are safe with this.

There are a lot of viruses around at the moment, which can cause joint and bone pain. Paracetamol and brufen are brilliant for pain and inflammation (good for the irritable hip too). A pharmacist or your GP can advise you on pain relief.

I hope your poorly boy gets better very soon. If the irritable hip doesn't settle soon, then hassle your GP. If your GP is no help, change to another, preferably one who has good paediatric experience. Don't be afraid to ask for a referral to an orthopaedic surgeon for an expert opinion.

Do let me know how your son gets on, and feel free to email me anytime.

Best wishes

MoreSnowPlease Tue 16-Feb-16 00:25:17

Hi Kate, thanks so much for your help, is so nice to know someone is there!!

I'm really worried about him, I just don't know about this irritable hip thing, he's been lying on the sofa basically paralysed and screaming in pain when I even go near him. I give him ibuprofen when I can (every 8 hours) but it's not lasting and paracetamol doesn't seem to even touch the pain. One knee is now hurting constantly even with both painkillers so he won't walk, or barely move. And after about 4 hours the ibuprofen has worn off and he won't move anything!

He's still covered in an itchy rash which he can't scratch so driving him mad!!!

I can't keep going back to a&e to be turned away as I've got my 18 month old too, but really to me a child who is temporarily paralysed half the day and night should get some treatment or help to find out why!!!

Katie0705 Wed 17-Feb-16 21:55:39

Hello, sorry for the delay in getting back to you. You bairn sounds poorly, and I really feel for you trying to care for two young children as it can be such a nightmare.

Would you like to have a natter on the phone tomorrow. Here is my email address, so if you would like a chat send me an email with your land line number and I will send you mine.

I wonder if the pain could be virus related, but whatever the cause, your son needs sorting out ASAP, poor little darling. Firstly, I would insist on a home visit by your GP, whether it's during the day, or when the service goes into out of hours. No decent doctor will leave a sick child waiting for hours on end to be seen. You could also phone the children's ward of your local hospital, and see if they can help you.

If your son's temperature increases significantly and the pain worsens, and he has difficulty with breathing/wheezing, then call 999.

Don't let anyone fob you off, make sure you get the answers you want, and don't be afraid to be a persistent. I've been a children's nurse for many years, and believe that parents know their child the best!!

Here is my, if you would like to have a natter then just say. I am at home tomorrow and free from about 11.00 all day.

Best wishes

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