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Do you have a dc with none specific abdominal pain?

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listsandbudgets Thu 11-Feb-16 15:31:19

Ive just returned from 24 hours in hospital. DD has had her 3rd severe episode of abdominal pain so far this year. She also had a few last year. This one has been going on since Sunday. The previous 2 lasted 5 and 3 days respectively.
They took blood tests for all sorts of things - all clear. Ultrasound - clear. Prodding and poking of stomach and endless questions - still nothing obvious.

I can rest sure that she does not have appendicitis, cealiac, cysts, kidney problems or anyone of a long list of other things.

What she does have is "none specific abdominal pain" which could recur at any time and there is nothing we can do about except to give pain killers and wait it out.

Obviously I don't wish anything serious on her but I'm just so frustrated. Being selfish I have to keep putting my life on hold for days at a time with no warning but far more importantly so does she and she's in pain and losing out on school and friends and all sorts of things sad

Ended up apologising to surgical consultant last night saying I was sorry i'd taken their time up bringing her in but I really thought she may have appendicitis this time. She did say "yes and the reason I've been bought down is so did 2 doctors and a nurse with 15 years experience so you did the right thing" but I still feel like I could have saved her all that stress for no result and kept her home in bed.

So frustrated. So sad for her. What the hell can I do for her?

salsamad Thu 11-Feb-16 15:57:57

Hi. Could it possibly be Inflammatory Bowel Disease like Crohns or ulcerative colitis? My DS was diagnosed with Crohns after being ill over New Year, this began as nausea (not actually sick) and severe stomach cramps that only paracetamol seemed to help, but only briefly though. No diarrhoea or blood etc. Blood tests did show inflammation and he was diagnosed following a colonoscopy. Initially it was thought to be IBS then a bladder infection, then appendicitis.
Or maybe your DD could have developed a food allergy or reaction?

listsandbudgets Thu 11-Feb-16 21:17:11

Oddly enough, her bowels were one thing that were never mentioned though they did seem obsessed by the consistency of her poo so maybe they were on their mind.

the only thing that wasn't clear was her unrine test which for some reason had white blood cells in it but no nitrates so apparently not a bladder infection.

She's still not right but at least she's not on a ward with screaming babies tonight so hopefully she'll at least sleep better.

salsamad Thu 11-Feb-16 21:43:02

Inflammatory Bowel Disease is diagnosed most frequently in young people (usually appears for the first time between ages of 10 and 30) and is often inherited, my sons most significant symptom was the abdominal pain. Have any medical treatments in hospital improved your daughters pain and discomfort? Is your DD affected by stress or anxiety at all - do you think it could it be psychological rather than physiological?
It must be very worrying for you and upsetting for her. Maybe you can look back and see if there are links to her previous episodes of pain - was she at school, on holiday, having school tests, struggling with homework, eating a lot of sugary/fatty foods eg Easter or Xmas.

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