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Childhood Obesity

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ragee1409 Thu 11-Feb-16 07:34:13

To all parents (Currently living in the UK)

For my research project assignment, I have chosen to study and write about why he numbers of childhood obesity is increasing. As part of my project, I have created this survey to back up my research. All data collected, will be used for my own purposes and will not be shared with anybody else apart from the grades awarding body and my tutor at Central Bedfordshire College.

This survey will only take around 2 minutes or less. Your feedback is important and I'd really appreciate it. Also feel free to share it around as I need the maximum responses possible. Thank you all xx

Ethelswith Thu 11-Feb-16 15:47:06

Your question about being 'concerned' about weight is ambiguous.

I am concerned about my DC's weight because it is on the low side (despite high level sports training).

Any chance of altering it, so a 'yes' answer accurately reflects whether the concern is for over or under weight?

TheAussieProject Fri 12-Feb-16 02:46:17

To be honest, this is not a great survey and you will certainly don't get the answer to "why is childhood obesity increasing". I am not in the UK, so haven't done you survey, but I suggest you target the snacking (crisps, chocolate bar, biscuits, vs an apple....) , drinking (liquid breakfast, sodas, ....) , ready meals, eating habits (alone, dining table, tv, ...) , jars vs fresh, sugar, cereals, ....
I am of French origin and very often horrified by what people eat here in Australia. Especially between meals, walking and a misconception of what is healthy eating. The healthy choice at our school canteen is potato wedges and chicken goujon (=chicken nuggets 41% chicken 59%crap)!

LuisCarol Fri 12-Feb-16 02:58:44

Your feedback is important

Ok, thank you. Your focus seems to be in entirely the wrong place. There is an obesity epidemic across the entire English speaking world and further as TheAussieProject says, and it's a lot more to do with farming practices and food chains and supermarkets than parental lunch box choices.

TheAussieProject Fri 12-Feb-16 03:24:20

Good point LuisCarol, lets talk about the lunch. My kids have a lunch box every day. They are not eating anything from the "canteen". The one in High School sells chocolate, pepsi, family-size crisps, mils-shake, ....

So in your opinion OP, is the lunch box a factor towards obesity or healthy eating. It all depends what you put in it. Do you put packets in the lunch or a fresh tomato and mozzarella salad?

I think you might want to rewrite your survey.

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