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Recommendations for an excellent paediatric or general dentist experienced with children, in the Midlands/South East?

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greekyogurtaddict Wed 10-Feb-16 23:49:14

I'm feeling a bit of a flappy mother about all this I'm afraid! It is a worry and has come as a bit of a shock.
To cut a very long story about our recent experiences of dentistry (as I could and would go on and on until it's a saga) does anybody have any recommendations for paediatric dentists, or general dentists who are very experienced and good with children in the Northamptonshire/Oxfordshire/Buckinghamshire area? Warwickshire/Surrey are possible too. NHS or Private, I don't mind which, except to say that a blank look from our local NHS dentist about 'numbing gel' makes me think we would rather not have the no frills option!

Our very compliant Ds will need to have a single baby tooth out (I assume) following a filling that was deep/too late to save the tooth that subsequently abscessed (The tooth was apparently very 'soft' and bled during the treatment which involved a temporary and medication being placed, however the abscess sprang up very quickly after that. However all his other teeth are good so it is perplexing how this one decayed in the 8 months since his last check up. Perhaps we were missing a spot brushing or there was a weakness in the tooth? I'm thinking of requesting an x-ray to check the others really are as 'fine' as we've been told!). We are reluctant to wait a long time for a referral due to the infection and the dentist will only refer if Ds is uncooperative. However we are not 100% confidant yet about our (new) local dentist doing the work owing to some errors in the treatment made so far by the practice regarding medication and more generally our unfamiliarity with this dentist and their record of carrying out this sort of work with children (in the knowledge that incorrect dosage of any form of anesthetic can have very rare but very serious consequences.) This dentist may well be fine and very skilled, but in light of experiences to date (including having to see a different dentist every time we go in!) I want to explore what our other options might be pending further discussion with the dentist.

I think we are happy to go down the local anaesthetic route for Ds, rather than GA, provided it is being given by a very experienced professional who routinely doses and administers this correctly to children.

If you do get a referral to an NHS dental hospital is LA an option offered or is everything decided for you? Another reason we are cautious about general at a dental hospital is that we definitely don't want any teeth taking out as a precaution or for 'balancing' reasons, as we are very happy to pay for any fillings he might need as he is very good in the dentist chair! Obviously don't want him to have consequence problems with adult teeth owing to having lots of baby ones prematurely removed that We are also concerned that there will be a long wait simply to get a pre op appointment to discuss these things when we would rather have this treated, safely, asap. Thank you for your help!

greekyogurtaddict Wed 10-Feb-16 23:53:55

oops, typing error. That last paragraph should read:
Obviously don't want him to have consequent problems with adult teeth coming through incorrectly owing to having lots of baby ones prematurely removed, not least because from what we have been told we aren't anticipating their removal! We are also concerned that there will be a long wait simply to get a pre op appointment to discuss these things when we would rather have this treated, safely, asap. Thank you for your help!

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