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Swine flu

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MoreSnowPlease Tue 09-Feb-16 19:34:02

I posted about a week ago a my son has a high temperature. They gave him antibiotics but without any evidence he needed them just as a precaution i think.

Anyway, I'm 99% sure it's swine flu here had, we have all had it, and my mum who visited has also note got it. They have it in the hospital that he was recently in for wheezing, and then he got it.

It's horrible, but he seems to really be suffering alot more than us. He's 3 years old and much worse than my 18 month old is.

He's on 8th day of it now and has gone downhill again and has a new symptom which looks like hives. I'm not sure what to do after 8 days is a pretty long time to be so ill and to now be getting worse worries me as he should be getting better but obviously don't want to go giving it to everyone as it's truly horrible.

Anyone had it? How long did it last?

Backingvocals Tue 09-Feb-16 19:37:03

Dd had it when she was 3 and was really poorly for a full week. I wouldn't be happy about getting worse again after 8 days tho. More medical attention?

MoreSnowPlease Tue 09-Feb-16 19:44:20

Did your DD get gunky yellow eyes with it too backing vocals ?

Yes I think maybe i will have to just take him to the doctors again, although they will probably just say he's picked up another virus... But this is very unlikely because noone has been out of the house in over a week!

Backingvocals Tue 09-Feb-16 19:47:18

No she didn't get that. It washbasin years ago so can't remember it well - other than that she was really unwell - but I think I'd remember that. Hope Ds turns a corner soon.

MoreSnowPlease Tue 09-Feb-16 19:49:30

Thank you smile

Backingvocals Tue 09-Feb-16 19:53:36

No wonder you're smiling.

It washbasin years ago?????confusedgrin

MoreSnowPlease Tue 09-Feb-16 20:04:07

Ha! I tried to work out whether you were trying to give an actual amount in years but gave up.... Made me smile! Ahhhhhhh, and back to flu ridden household sad

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