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Ds is three weeks old and cries all the time

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edwfaith Tue 09-Feb-16 18:10:45

Hi, so my ds is 3 weeks today... he cries all the time when he's not on my boob and even when on the boob feeding he'll suddenly start crying as if he's uncomfortable. I hate seeing him like this, any tips on how I can make him more comfortable? It seems like bad wind/colic I've tried winding him and giving him oral colic drops but they seem to make him worse. :-(

VocationalGoat Tue 09-Feb-16 18:22:52

Welcome to the dark side. grin
Part of it is just part of the Having a Baby package but there are other things like colic (very likely, very common). Tongue tie is another issue that you might want to explore. I'd be inclined to look into this because of his upset even while nursing. It could also be a latching on issue, something DC2 and I struggled with. She just couldn't latch properly and wouldn't nurse from one of my breasts (which left me looking as if someone selotaped a party balloon to one side of my chest- ridiculous!). grin
I'd advise you to see a lactation consultant. They usually run local clinics at sure start centres or health centres. Contact the health visitors and they'll put you in touch as well as offer their own guidance.

You poor thing. Hugs! flowers It's so hard at times but of course we love our demanding, exhausting children. smile

Icklepickle101 Tue 09-Feb-16 18:25:05

My DS is the same age and was the same, I spoke to our GP who prescribed baby gaviscon to try and although it is a fab with breastfeeding he is so much more settled within days!!

Maybe give the doctor a call see if they can help?

Sallyhasleftthebuilding Tue 09-Feb-16 18:31:17

Keep baby head above stomach - lying flat makes it worse - stops the acid rising into the throat -

Roll in a towel under the mattress cushion for nappy change bouncy chair inbetween etc - see a high difference in 2 days

Onsera3 Tue 09-Feb-16 18:36:32

My second was like this. It was a shock after having an easy baby first time.

I thought she might have lip tie. She did. Also a posterior tongue tie. Got it privately lasered.

Unfortunately, she just had colic. She cried so much. It peaked at 8 weeks and was much improved at 12 weeks.

20 weeks is a happy baby.

But I did workout that me eating dairy upsets her stomach within hours.

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