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Well could it return and I want to share my sons story

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justdoingit Tue 09-Feb-16 15:25:54

We have been through quite an ordeal the past two weeks with my son. To give you a small bit of background he fell over on a Saturday and had a few scrapes on his arms. At this point we didn't think this was at all related. A day later he came to me in the night sweating a bit confused classic flu symptoms after staying with me for the night when we awoke he was still the same but with 3 great big red hot rashes on his arms. We phoned 111 who sent an ambulance straight away they checked his obs he had high heart rate, low blood pressure and a temp of just over 40! They though it could be sepsis and rushed him in the doctors at a&e promptly diagnosed cellulitis and said at worst a couple days in hospital with IV antibiotics he'd be fine. Fast forward 2 days temp was still the same rashes getting worse hard underneath. They where actually quite worried about him. Dermotology came to see him and this very abrupt (not peads doctor) came to see him took one look said the diagnoses was all wrong said loads of big words said this was making him really ill and we needs scenes and tests and possibly surgery and went of with his team. The nurse later told him off for his abruptness they sent him for an MRI just when they where about to scan his other arm (to compare I believe) they said the ward wanted him back they said he was going to surgery now! Even though he had eaten only 5 hours ago and had a temp they worked him of and explained that the bacteria was eating away at his tissues! And that they have to cut it away and possibly do other things to his arm. And he could be left with a dip in his arm. Luckily this didn't happen and surgery went well he went back to surgery 2 days later to have everything re washed and looked at. He spen 4 days in high dependency and was diagnosed with the VERY rare necrotizing fasciitis he stared to fell better and got moved onto general ward bit then 2 days ago the patch under one of the infected places became hot and hard so they worked him back of to theatre everything was fine. But it raised the question for me when he is discharged (hopefully tommrow) do I have to look out for it returning I did ask doctors and they said it probably won't but this wasn't the consultant we were dealing with who I asked I guess I wanted to ask mumsnetters opinions and also share my story thanks for reading.

JassyRadlett Tue 09-Feb-16 15:33:50

Oh you poor thing. What a terrible time you've had. I have no knowledge of this but wanted to offer a hand to hold.

Can you refuse to leave until you've been given very specific instructions on what to look out for and what to do?

justdoingit Tue 09-Feb-16 18:35:48

Thank you very much. I think he may be discharged tommrow he's a teenager and Hayes being in a ward with 4 under 8's!

80schild Tue 09-Feb-16 18:43:14

It sounds quite rare. It is probably just a case of bad luck on his part but I am sure that they will arrange a follow up to make sure the wound is recovering properly.

It sounds awful. I hope he gets better quickly.

Birnamwood Tue 09-Feb-16 18:44:08

My friend had NF and was very, very poorly for a while. Thankfully she recovered well and now running half marathons smile

I know she had a lot of help and support from these people, and also some fb groups. She learnt a lot more from them than the doctors as it's quite rare.

I hope your boy recovers quickly thanks

justdoingit Tue 09-Feb-16 18:53:04

Thanks yes apparently it is a case of very bad luck. Most people at worst it would cause a bacterial infection in the cut but not with him. Thanks very much for the links I will have a look

beautifulgirls Tue 09-Feb-16 21:52:50

I haven't dealt with necrotising fasciitis but my youngest daughter had strep A septicaemia aged 19 months and was very poorly indeed. She received amazing care and against the odds survived but required short term dialysis for failed kidneys and lost much of her right foot (due to a spontaneous blood clot). I am pretty certain from reading that the same strep A bacteria can cause necrotising fasciitis, both being known as invasive group A strep infections.

Like you I questioned the what if it comes back, what if she has a poor immune system and can't fight off infections etc. The hospital did a basic screen for me to check her immune response to her baby vaccines and she had normal antibody levels. We discussed chickenpox at length as Strep A infection is a common complication with spots becoming infected - after careful consideration and a note to our GP to ensure covering antibiotics if she contracted chickenpox we chose not to vaccinate for it as apparently immunity is better long term if they get chickenpox than if they are vaccinated. She developed chickenpox only 5 months after her serious illness and although she did receive antibiotics as directed she sailed through it with no problems. Since then she has had occasional colds, had cellulitis in her amputation scar which was controlled with antibiotics but thankfully has had no repeat of her Strep A issues. We are coming up for five years on now. She has had a problem known as HSP which is not thought to be related in any way to her previous illness - it is also very rare and I am sure I should be getting her to choose my lottery numbers for her ability to be out of the ordinary!!!

I have read and read many things about strep A and it is almost certain that these cases are one off bad luck situations where the bacteria involved are from a virulent strain that also finds itself with a perfect set of conditions to cause severe disease.

I hope he gets home soon and life can start to return to normal once again. It remains in your mind long term but being aware I think gives you a sense of control as well from here.

justdoingit Tue 09-Feb-16 22:11:29

It came as a great shock and it will stay in our minds for a long time! As you mentioned with the immune system he does have a (very slight) weakened immune system and that makes me worry even more

justdoingit Tue 09-Feb-16 22:12:44

I am so glad to hear you're little girl is doing better now despite all you've gone through it must have been awful.

justdoingit Wed 10-Feb-16 08:16:41

I have read the link and it looks good. And it makes me realise how lucky I have been with my son.

Blu Wed 10-Feb-16 08:27:41

How incredibly scary, OP.

I am glad they have sorted him out and he is recovering.

What sort of environment was he in when he cut his arms?

justdoingit Wed 10-Feb-16 08:51:09

He was at the park, so I know there is lots of bacteria and mud and stuff but still they way it multiplied is incredible

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