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Baby facial skin - eczema?

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sophiaslullaby Tue 09-Feb-16 10:41:22

My 3 month old son has terrible rough, dry, flakey skin on fore head and both cheeks. It's also crusty, actually looks quite like the cradle cap on his head. Doesn't appear to be causing any distress so would normally accept the advice that it'll clear up in time, however although the skin is rough, it's delicate and DS keeps scratching it and it then bleeds so worried about scarring. Poor boy looking little worse for wear! I breastfeed - could it be my own diet? (it's not bad, but y'know I'm no Gwyneth Paltrow health queen!)

I'm about to visit the doctor for what its worth but I already know they'll give me the 'he'll grow out of it', 'just put moisteriser on it' advice. The advice I'm looking for is how to look after it, can only imagine it does itch but babies don't know how to relieve at itch at 3months do they?

Jibberjabberjooo Tue 09-Feb-16 16:49:33

Do you moisturise it? My ds had eczema at that age caused by a dairy allergy and we used diprobase emollient cream, oilatum in the bath and washed with aqueous. You can't moisturise too much! (We had to have a dermatology referral for steroid cream and a cream regime which worked wonders in the end). What have you tried so far? We started off using olive oil but then moved on to emollients. We also gave Piriton at night to stop him itching.

sophiaslullaby Tue 09-Feb-16 21:22:18

Thanks for your reply! I did moisterise with Bepathen baby cream but it did nothing, doesn't rub in very well. I've tried coconut oil (a waitrose baby massaging oil) and even tried my own breast milk. Whether I haven't even the oil or milk much of a chance I don't know but they didn't work. Doctor has given me a perscription for Aveeno cream to try. Felt bad as for all I bemoaned the doctor above, they took one look at DS and confirmed it was eczema and needed cream!

You mention that your DS had a dairy allergy, is it worth me cutting out dairy and seeing if it helps him then? We have oilatum in the bathroom, might help his cradle cap.

Jibberjabberjooo Tue 09-Feb-16 21:39:02

Yes my ds was diagnosed with a cows milk protein allergy and was on Neocate formula on prescription. If you give up dairy for a true allergy you should also give up soya as 40% are allergic to that too. Obviously you could try the no dairy thing, it may help.

Aveeno is meant to be quite good. It wasn't for us as my ds needed steroid cream but lots of people on mn swear by it. You really cannot moisturise too often so keep applying it.

sophiaslullaby Wed 10-Feb-16 03:30:52

Ok I'll see how the Aveeno cream goes, I'll ty and cut down on dairy (I do love my cheese!) at least and take it from there. Point taken on the soya -I sometimes have soya milk, wouldn't have thought often enough for it to affect him...

Katie0705 Sat 13-Feb-16 00:59:31

Very regular moisturising with aqueous cream or emulsifying ointment are brilliant for very dry skin. Keep applying it, so the skin does not dry out at all. Cheap and available without prescription.

Have you spoken to your Health Visitor about it? The HV should definitely be able to tell you what's happening to your baby's skin.

Best wishes

sophiaslullaby Sat 13-Feb-16 03:42:04

Hi Kate, I remember using aqueous cream as a child, that's a good idea I'll get some.
I had to go back to the doctors as the skin got infected (it's why it was yellow and crusty). Felt like such a bad mummy, like I should had prevented this :-( but it happened so quickly. Little sweetheart is on antibiotic cream now (Fusidic acid) - he's happy as Larry so that's good but think it's itching him.
Will talk to HV next week, see if it's anything I can help with although have been cutting down on my own intake of dairy just to see?

Jibberjabberjooo Sat 13-Feb-16 22:04:11

Please don't moisturise using aqueous cream, it's meant to be used as a soap substitute only and has been known to irritate the skin.

sophiaslullaby Sun 14-Feb-16 02:13:12

Ahh, I know it was used as a soap substitute but didn't know it could irritate. A friend is a dermatology nurse and has advised of a few baby-friendly products. She actually also advised against Aveeno cream -says it's GOOD cream but not for under 2's as it's oat based and been known to cause allergies. Oops!

Fusidic acid is working, I just need to learn how to care and look after a child with eczema if this is what DS is going to have.

Jibberjabberjooo Sun 14-Feb-16 07:47:45

Just a tip, whatever treatment cream you have, whether it's steroids or fucidin. Leave at least half an hour before you moisturise as the emollient creams can dilute the steroids etc if used together. You cannot over moisturise either.

Also, if you use aqueous to wash with, scoop it out of the tub with a spoon on to something else before using it, that way you don't introduce any bacteria in to the tub. Don't use any shampoos or bubble bath and look at your wash powder too as it's worth trying something different.

Our ds was on steroid cream at 5 months prescribed by a paediatric dermatologist (who was brilliant), don't believe any GP that says they are too young. And don't be afraid to use them if that's the route you end up going down.

sophiaslullaby Fri 19-Feb-16 20:59:55

Thanks for those tips jibberjabber - following them at our bath/bed routine.
Sadly, turns out it's Impetigo and as didn't respond to topical antibiotics it's now 10 days of oral antibiotics which is FUN to administer to a 3 month old baby confused
I can just see 10 days of hell stretching ahead of me as I attempt to force feed my baby something he hates but that is necessary....not sure if it'll even work as need to give it on an empty tum and then not feed for an hour....well my DS will just be delighted at that!! Best I can do is give the drug when he wakes and then amuse him for 20mins or so until he's clambering at the boob!

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