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cough variant asthma in 2yr old

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5678group Sat 06-Feb-16 20:37:58

My 2.5 yr old was diagnosed with cough variant asthma is October, prescribed 1puff of flixotide twice a day as a preventer (orange inhaler)
She was given a ventolin inhaler in August during a chest infection where she would cough until she vomited.
She's had 5 similar bouts of illness since, the latest over the last 2 days. She's had a slight fever and tonight coughed to the point of being sick even after 2 puffs of the ventolin.
We're not in the UK (middle east so air conditioning & dust most likely triggers) flixotide not recommended generally but I can't get anything else here.
Will go back to the doctor tomorrow but what am I asking?
She coughs, she gets sick, she's got the meds. What else can they do?

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