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Does food related eczema always cause digestive problems?

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UpYaKilt Wed 03-Feb-16 17:37:07

Please help collective wisdom of mumsnet! 2.5 yo dd has had what I thought was contact dermatitis on her hand and wrists for the last year or so. However, now has a patch on her thigh. If it was in any way food intolerance related it would show in her nappies wouldn't it? Don't want to start exclusion diets for no reason.

crackedphone Wed 03-Feb-16 23:07:27

For small patches of eczema I would not do an exclusion diet. Vast majority of eczema doesnt have a clear food allergy link.

UpYaKilt Thu 04-Feb-16 06:58:16

Great, thank you.

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