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Chicken pox - is this normal?

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Candlestickchic Mon 01-Feb-16 14:58:14

My DD (5) has caught chicken pox from her brother, and is at the stage where all the spots are out and they're starting to itch, poor love. However whilst her brother was fairly ok in himself with it, aside from upset by the itching stage, she has had a tummy ache since 2 days before the rash first appeared until now. No sickness or runs, just tummy ache or cramps every couple of hours. Disturbing her sleep considerably, and obviously in pain with it. Is this a normal part of chicken pox for some kids, or should I be getting her checked out? Can't actually get through to the GP to ask at the moment, they're clearly very busy, so thought I'd try the collective wisdom of mumsnet before I bundle her up and out on the school run :-( Tia.

Seeline Mon 01-Feb-16 15:01:57

Don't remember it specifically with CP but my DD often had tummy ache when she was poorly. The GP compared it to the glands in your neck getting sore/swollen when you have a cold. Some children have more reactive glands in the stomachs which respond when fighting infection, so it could be that. She seems to be growing out of it now (11yo).

Candlestickchic Mon 01-Feb-16 20:22:33

Thanks for your reply, Seeline, I didn't know that could happen. Could well be that, this is the first illness she's had worse than a bad cold so might be just the way she reacts. Hope it goes soon! Glad up hear your dd is growing out of it smile

abbsismyhero Mon 01-Feb-16 20:25:28

my son has glands in his stomach which press on nerves when they swell up (most likely) causing him a lot of pain when he is ill

he gets stomach ache for every bad cold and chicken pox hurt too

dratsea Mon 01-Feb-16 20:54:45

I think that age 5 something like 30% of lymph node tissue of the whole body is in the wall of the intestine. The lymph nodes are like factories making antibodies to fight infection, if they swell the stretching can be painful. As Seeline points out the gut proportion, as well as total lymph node mass falls off as they grow and I guess as adults we find it hard to comprehend. I remember examining a child with suspected appendicitis with good signs but young (bit under 5) for typical signs. I asked her to describe the pain and she said "it's like earache in my tummy". She did have red eardrums, perhaps the bugs had dripped out of inner opening of Eustachian tube, been swallowed and caused a reaction but may have got there through the blood, most ear infections are viral.

Candlestickchic Mon 01-Feb-16 21:34:31

That's really helpful and reassuring everyone, thanks. And I have learnt something new! x

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