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Keep home from school?

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messystressy Sun 31-Jan-16 23:25:36

My DS has had a tickly cough for over a week. I kept him home one day last week when he needed a rest, but he is pretty OK during the day, running around etc. His cough is still occurring during the day but worse at night, but not causing sleeplessness or anything. Tonight he woke up coughing and couldn't contain it, so vomited up a small amount if saliva. He has no temperature, just the dry cough and quite sweaty at night (but so is his sister, as they both cocoon themselves in their duvets). His breathing sounds a bit crackly to me. I was planning to keep him off school and take him to the Dr tomorrow to check his chest- does this all sound like an overreaction? A part of me thinks that if he is really poorly, he would be lethargic and have a temperature etc. He is 5, and hasnt been to the Dr since he had chickenpox last summer.

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