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Is 127 pounds too heavy for an 11 year old boy?

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janetpanda7 Sun 31-Jan-16 03:17:30

My son who is 11 weight is 127 pounds he is 5 foot 1 inch and has small man boobs is this normal or is he overweight? If so what should I do

Bovnydazzlers Sun 31-Jan-16 04:19:12

Are you the same poster who has posted 4 threads on this already this weekend (11 year old weighing 57kg)? Why so many threads?

janetpanda7 Sun 31-Jan-16 04:31:24

No who are u on about

TheGreatSnafu Sun 31-Jan-16 05:05:51


DesertOrDessert Sun 31-Jan-16 05:56:22

Yes, its very heavy.
I'd suggest looking at portion sizes, food choices and excerise levels, with the aim of letting his height catch up with his weight. ie let him grow taller, maintaining the same weight.

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