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Constant cough - normal?

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mrsleomcgary Sat 30-Jan-16 17:42:40

Just before xmas dd (2) spent 3 night in hospital with bronchiolitis. When she was discharged we were warned she would have a cough for a few weeks and sure enough it did clear but now she'll be fine for a few days,get a cough that lasts about a week,fine for a few days and starts coughing again.

I can't decide if I should take her to the gp or not,part of me thinks it's just one of those things and it is the time of year for it but I am concerned that there might still be something going on in her chest. She's no temperature or anything else,just the near constant cough.

AlmaMartyr Sat 30-Jan-16 17:52:20

Hmm, I have a near constant cough which is my asthma (cough variant asthma). Since your DD has been, it sounds more likely that it's linked to that, it is still reasonably early days. I'm sure no GP would mind checking for you if you're concerned.

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