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Diabetes Info Needed

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Pominoz1 Wed 27-Jan-16 15:50:37

My son who is 15 was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes after an emergency admission to hospital this past weekend. Now trying to get my head around the huge changes this will make in the family. Can anybody recommend electronic scales for weighing out ingredients ? Do these electronic ones actually work out the carbohydrate measurements as well ?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Also a big shout of thanks to Somerset Health Authority, the 111 service, Musgrove Hospital in Taunton and our amazing Doctors and Nurses, completely faultless, quick diagnosis and prompt help.

MaggieMcVitie Wed 27-Jan-16 16:15:16

Hi there, firstly massive hugs to you. I'm Mum to a 10 year Type 1 DS, diagnosed at 5yrs. It is MASSIVELY overwhelming at first and you will feel a bit overloaded with information.
As far as scales go I just use digital ones and work out the carbs accordingly. There is a book called Carbs and Cals which will become your bible - also an app for iPhone. My fitness Pal is also good for meals on the run, especially at places like Costa etc...

Feel free to ask as many questions as you like!

MaggieMcVitie Wed 27-Jan-16 21:18:23

Also if your on Facebook there's a good support group with the catchy name 'Parents of Children with Type 1 Diabetes in the U.K.'
Loads of advice and support if you need it, a good place to rant and also find out latest developments.

TattieHowkerz Wed 27-Jan-16 21:39:21

I've been type 1 diabetic for 20 years. At the start it seems daunting, but it soon become part of your life.

Any electronic scale will do, you don't need to worry about precision too much. I use a salter one. It is quite broad and flat, which is handy. I've never heard of a scale which does carb calculations, I I aging that would be too open to error.

You might find a book which give carb values of popular foods handy - they tend to be sold as diet books. I saw my dietitian today and she recommended a book and app called something like carbs and calories, that actually gives pictures of different portion sizes. It looks good, I'll try to find out the exact name for you.

All the best to,your son.

Pominoz1 Wed 27-Jan-16 21:46:36

Thank you ladies, we have the Carbs and Cals book from the hospital, and i now have to get a new phone to load it as an app. I am determined to get on top of this asap and do whatever it takes to make life normal (whatever that is) for him. I took ages today working out the carbs for a homemade rice pudding !!

TattieHowkerz Wed 27-Jan-16 21:59:54

Don't worry, life with diabetes can most certainly be normal! Take a note of your rice pudding calculations, you never know when you'll need them again.

It is all a bit trial and error at first, but you'll all get there.

MaggieMcVitie Thu 28-Jan-16 13:08:23

Myfitnesspal has a section where you can enter ingredients and store recipes. Honestly couldn't live without it and Carbs and Cals.
How is your DS coping? I imagine it's s horrid time to be DS was so young he can't really remember life before diabetes, which is sad but makes it easier for him in a way.

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