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2yo fasting before op - dreading it!

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AnMum Mon 18-Jan-16 09:24:52

Our 2 yr old has an op in a few weeks and he has to fast from midnight. The op could be any time during the morning depending on what order they take them in. I am dreading this as he loves his food. Any tips for dealing with this???? I'm more worried about this than the actual op itself which doesn't seem right! Op is v routine, low risk but still a daunting prospect.

PennyHasNoSurname Mon 18-Jan-16 09:27:37

Could you keep him up a little later and give him a hearty supper - porridge with full fat milk, a banana, some scrambled egg?

In the morning just a drink of water and get out and about will be easier if he is kept busy.

WiIdfire Mon 18-Jan-16 09:27:42

For a start it is 6 hours for food so although they say midnight, it is usually 2am, as lists generally start at 8. Im not sure how good an idea it is for a two year old but I would be having a midnight snack so I dont wake hungry. Also water is only 2 hours, so he can have a drink of water until 6 am which should help. Good luck.

Jibberjabberjooo Mon 18-Jan-16 11:55:27

It's usually 2am for children as it's six hours starved for food as the pp said. In which case does he sleep all night as it's worth waking him up for food or some milk. Definitely give a last drink of water or squash at 6.

Hopefully at two years you shouldn't be last on the list as they tend to do little ones first.

CorBlimeyTrousers Mon 18-Jan-16 11:59:51

Our son had an MRI and later an operation when he was 15 months old and had to fast as he had a GA for both. He was (and still is at 5yo) a greedy gorb and I was worried like you. But we kept him distracted as much as possible (and obviously didn't eat in front of him) and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I think he may have been allowed apple juice - can you check that?

Jibberjabberjooo Mon 18-Jan-16 12:08:04

Fluids have to be clear, you have to be able to see through them.

Moln Mon 18-Jan-16 12:14:10

It's difficult, but unavoidable. You can deal with it by keep on distracting him and telling him he'll get something soon. I also didn't eat.

the not knowing when is a right pain, I had to wait with my two year old in a waiting room from 9am till 4pm with everyone eating (may not have been everyone but it certainly felt like it!!). Hopefully you won't get that!!

AnMum Tue 19-Jan-16 12:36:15

Thanks all - I had thought about trying to give him some milk before midnight but he normally sleeps 7-6 and I think he'd be pretty unimpressed! We'll get through it somehow!

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