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Teething poos???

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Spaghettinetti Sun 17-Jan-16 08:01:19

Hi there,

My little one is 20 months and teething. Until recently she only had 4 teeth and all of a sudden they all seem to be coming through at once. She's been waking in the night and chewing things a lot as well as sucking her thumb, otherwise she's fine, that is except for the horrendously stinky loose motions in her nappy and it is this that I'm worried about. These stinky poos started about two weeks ago. They're explosive and contain lots of bits of undigested food. I know experts say that stinky poos and teething do not go together, but what do you guys think? Has anyone else had experience of this and does anyone have any tips for 'containing' the issue?

Chocolateteabag Wed 20-Jan-16 17:30:39

Every "official" guidance will tell you that teething doesn't affect poos

However, pretty much everyone - on MN and in RL - will say that teething does go hand in hand with loose poos. The extra drool going down into their tummies?

Anyway - containing them? Just keep changing nappies regularly and maybe go up a size even temporarily. Take a full spare set of clothes (for you and DC) everywhere as insurance?

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