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17wk old baby, unusually crying, Grizzling and seems to be sleeping in day more

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Frenchfancies Thu 14-Jan-16 15:48:15

Last few weeks he has been waking up every 2hrs at night to breast feed, and then the last four days he has been really grizzly crying a lot more and sleeping more in the day... He temp seems to range from 36.7 to 37.5 within minutes on the digital ear thermometer - I don't entirely trust it, the armpit thermometer says 37.4. He also has a little cough every so often during the day - had this for about 2 weeks although that might be nothing as sounds more like he catches his breath rather than like a dry or mucusey cough. Also has bad wind which he gets pain from and really upset about, just started him on colief and also I'm pumping off a bit of fore milk on the advice of lactation consultant so that he gets more hindmilk as he's feeding for only 15mins before a he's had enough, so she thought the lactose was giving him wind. Is it growth spurt/leap do you think? Seems to be going on a while. Maybe a combination of things? Arghh

scandichick Thu 14-Jan-16 15:52:43

Sounds like it could be the four month sleep regression?

Frenchfancies Thu 14-Jan-16 18:05:46

I think I'm just losing the plot slowly. If I put my exhausted head away and try and think rationally... I think it's growth spurt/sleep regression/development leap/shorter feeds = lesshindmilk= Painful wind/third immunisations = mild temp = sleeping more..... Basically a combination of things. Who said at 16wks everything gets easier!!? Arghhhh

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