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12 week old DS eyes not aligned?

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NorahM Wed 13-Jan-16 11:13:32

Hi all,

I was hopping to see if anyone can give me any advice/reassurance regarding this. I have a 12 week old DS who I think still has a slight squint, and I feel like I worry endlessly about it.
First off, his eyes always sort of look turned inwards, and I am not worried about that as I think that's quite normal since he has a wide nasal bridge and quite thick epicanthal folds.
What worries me is that sometimes, especially when he's tired, the light (be it from outside or from a lamp) won't reflect in the same spot on his eye. It will be ever so slightly off, which is a telltale sign that at that point his eyes are not aligned. I wonder if that is still normal at this age? Everywhere I read, it says that needs to be sorted by 3 months which he will be next week. Though some sites say it can take up to 4 months for eyes to start working perfectly together. I'll be having a chat with my health visitor about this tomorrow but does anyone have any experience with this at all? Thanks, from a worried mum.

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