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General rant about food intolerance, constipation and allergy testing

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alannacityofzorn Fri 08-Jan-16 20:34:25

Dd has coeliacs and has always had issues with constipation. Have been trying to look at food intolerances with a food diary but no clear picture emerging. Have cut out dairy. Possible baddies currently are fructose, nightshades( school meals are all potato based), nitrates( ham), not chewing. Annoying that there doesn't seem to be any safe diet that keeps her regular( with medication, optifibre and dulcolax)
Pediatrician agreed to ref to allergy clinic, all items ticked were non food, he agreed to add potato and citrus. No reactions at all not even to citrus ( gets rash by mouth with oranges). He said don't always react to synthetic testing material the same way as real thing. Felt very pointless.
Am I barking up the wrong tree is it not an intolerance at all? If just chronic constipation how come medication can't get her pooing consistently.
Want some life back so don't have to spend so much time asking her to go to the toilet, making poo faces to copy, playing blowing poo games and reading stories in our tiny bathroom.
End of rant

Toomanycats99 Fri 08-Jan-16 20:56:48

My daughter has constipation with overflow from 4.5. At about age 6 we stRted with doctors and had Senna and fibrogel etc. Not really any change. Eventually got referred to consultant and had blood tests. We were told negative. On next visit to consultant it transpired one test was positive by something like .1 but they assumed clear as everything else was. Had lactose Lactose was negative result. Fructose was technically negative as readings went down but jumped about first. Consultant suggested we cut out the following. Fruit flavoured drinks, dried fruit and fruit yoghurts. Results were immediate (well within a week or so)! We have since identified a few more triggers but the change is amazing. You do need to check ingredients as it appears in random things. Fab lollies and Oreo cookies to name a couple! You may be able to cut out those bits quite easily

AnotherTimeMaybe Sat 09-Jan-16 11:59:01

What helped us massively with constipation were flax seeds and psyllium husks twice a day. Also fresh olive oil on the food (or a teaspoon twice a day on empty stomach if she can handle it).... Best advice I got from doctor
Good luck!

Tweedledumb0 Sat 09-Jan-16 12:20:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

alannacityofzorn Sat 09-Jan-16 19:41:16

Many thanks for responses. Thinking of fructose as an elimination trial, tried flax seeds for 5 months and did little, psyillium caused hive like reaction all over legs, is currently excluding gluten,oats, dairy, soya- only thing eating on that list is eggs. May we'll need to see someone, current experience is everyone saying its due to bowel being stretched and have more medication, and see you in 6 months.

Healthyme15 Tue 12-Jan-16 13:27:36

It is very intimidating to have this chronic constipation. We have the same situation but for mine is not at worst. I take this Digestic from Mimonis to ease my constipation and I was very amazed of its effectiveness. I was totally cure with this herbal supplement.

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