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At the end of my tether, experience of migraine medication for kids?

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princessllama Fri 08-Jan-16 14:36:31

Hi, dd ha been prescribed propanolol for her migraines. I would love to hear if anyone has given it to their children and if it helped/ what were the side effects. I am getting a bit desperate for dd and the whole family- she has been having migraines that make her feel sick and v irritable. The only thing that helps is lying v still in bed. Her mood is horrific when she has a migraine and she takes it out on us all, especially me and ds1. School work is being affected too. At the moment it is almost every day though varies throughout the day. I can't keep her off school because it is so frequent. She has had dr's apts, neurological testing from the consultant neurologist, optician's apt, osteopathy, and several different medications from a neurologist. The next option is a 3 mth course of propanolol. Dh is v reluctant to give it to her, dd is v reluctant to try another medication. I think we have got to give it a go because she is so miserable.

fasparent Fri 08-Jan-16 23:55:41

DD had similar problems , soughed though eventually after a few years of discomfort and head banging. Missed diagnosis had Rugby Ball eyes glasses did the trick apparently quite common. Can Google too direct health too learn more, only found out really when having problems with her driving, test instructor, insisted she visit optician's was missed previously. Still feel guilty her suffering all those years.

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