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Pale and off colour- could this be tonsil related?

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TequilaMockingburd Fri 08-Jan-16 09:32:11

Hello, my DD is 6 and has huge ( and often problematic) tonsils. She is a restless sleeper, with a bit of sleep apnoea I think and so as a result is often pale and lethargic in the mornings.

She hadn't had an actual bout of tonsillitis for 8 months until last week but was floored and on antibiotics. She has had intermittent days off school with unspecific high temperatures and the usual ' sore tummy'

Any thoughts about pushing for the tonsils to come out or does anyone have any actual experience suggesting despite all the ailments, they are better left in. She's had 5 days off school over 3 occasions so far this year. ( since August)

I'm keen to have my little bouncy child back! 😒

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