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Staph Infection Advice - feeling desperate

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Madhouse05 Thu 07-Jan-16 10:45:17

Hi, new here and v keen for any advice/past experiences.....
My 4yo dd developed a sore on her labia over the Christmas period. It wasn't bothering her much so I waited till the drs reopened for an app. Dr said it was a staph infection (she had a couple of tiny ones on her face also) and gave us fucidin to put on. The ones on her face healed up really quickly but the one on her labia, though it seems to be healing, is taking its time (it's day 9 since the appointment). I am also concerned because 2 small red patches are developing underneath it and I'm worried it's spreading. I've called the gp twice since our app to communicate this but they say to give the fucidin 2 weeks and go back after if it's still not right. Surely oral antib's would be sensible to knock it on the head sooner rather than later?
I've also made the mistake of googling 'genital sores' which has absolutely terrified me with 'what ifs'....
If anyone's had anything similar please do share anything helpful.
Thank you!!

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