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4month vac today, temp, sick with calpol

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Steph1639 Wed 06-Jan-16 23:20:04

My LO got her 4 month vacs today(18 weeks) gave calpol afterwards and she seemed fine got next dose at 5.30. Then at 9.30 was sleeping in my arms and her breathing was getting fast, rechecked temp and it was 37.7 I breastfed her and then gave calpol and she brought most of it back up and all her milk by being sick.(calpol never made her sick the last time I used it but she seemed to gag this time) Breathing normal now but temp is going from 36.9 to 37.7(mainly 37.7) even though she was sick most of the calpol I didn't want to give more. Next dose can't be gave to 1.30am, if temp remains at 37.7 should I wait as long as this?i know a temperature is expected but I'm just worried. Thanks for the help. Any help is appreciated.

00100001 Thu 07-Jan-16 11:41:23

ring up the NHS direct if you're worried smile

Purplehonesty Thu 07-Jan-16 11:54:49

I wouldn't worry about a temp at 37.7 it's only slightly raised.
Keep her cool not too many clothes on she will be fine it is normal for them.
My ds was always sick with calpol too!

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