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Could this be diabetes?

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PseudoBadger Wed 06-Jan-16 00:05:04

Or something else worth getting checked?

DS is very nearly 5. He has bed wet on and off for a year, then has just had a two month spell of none at all. It has just started up again with 3 out of 4 wet nights.

He complains of stomach pain if out on a walk for example. But runs around at football, does a swimming class etc with no complaints.

He does a decent amount of wees on a normal day, wouldn't say excessive. Hungry much of the time at the moment.

He is currently prone to anger/rage over little things; tonight at bedtime he screamed for an hour about pyjamas/books and was sobbing that he was sorry he didn't know how to stop crying. He's always been quite prone to sweating at night.

I've put all these things down to growth spurts, tiredness from school, normal 4 year old behaviour. But DP has said tonight that he's worried about diabetes. There is no family history.

GP check?

LadyRivers1 Wed 06-Jan-16 00:10:40

Look at the four Ts for symptoms of diabetes:- toilet, tired, thirsty and thinner.

If he's going to the toilet more, excessively tired, excessively thirsty (my daughter could down a bottle of water prior to diagnosis) and has lost loads of weight it could be a good indicator. If you're at all concerned about it please take him to GP asap, I didn't know how quickly it could make a child seriously ill and my daughter ended up gravely ill. Fingers crossed

icclemunchy Wed 06-Jan-16 00:13:43

As a type 1 I can tell you the thirst is unreal. It's not just drinking a bit more it's downing 2l of water and before you've even lowered the bottle it feels like you haven't drank for a week. You also pee every 5mins and I felt really I'll just before I was diagnosed no hands if of been running around playing and I dropped a lot of weight

If your worried take him to the GP, I don't think it sounds like diabetes however it's a simple test and worth getting him seen

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