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ds(11) adult front tooth wobbly and sore - go to dentist?

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WeAllHaveWings Tue 05-Jan-16 14:51:13

ds(11) is complaining one today that one of his top front teeth is a "little" wobbly and a little bit sore. He hasn't bumped it that he's aware of.

His top 4 front teeth are all through, the next pair (canines) are partly through. He had a check up early December and new dentist said everything looks ok with the adult teeth coming through.

I told her the previous dentist (who left the practice) said he was probably overcrowded and would need 4 (2 top/bottom) teeth removed once all the teeth were through. She said she could see no signs of overcrowding at all (not too sure of the new/young dentist yet due to issues with my own recent check ups).

Is the wobbliness and soreness normal/just movement around the new teeth coming through or should I get him to the dentist again to check all's okay? I cant feel any movement myself.

ktmummy1 Tue 05-Jan-16 15:49:03

I would phone the dentist for advice x

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